Experience the elemental qualities of earth, water, fire, and air in this extra luxurious 90 minute Yin class.


Yin Yoga has a history that has emerged from both Chinese and Indian traditions. It is a union of hatha yoga poses and principles of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy. Yin poses are held for 1-10 minutes and are meant to encourage a release of muscles and connective tissue around the joints as well as cleansing of energy channels throughout the body.


In this session, we will practice poses that are inspired by each of the four elements of nature. Earth represents our basic needs and desires, structure and heaviness. Water represents our emotions and creativity. Fire represents our power and capacity for transformation. Air represents love, compassion, and lightness. The end of class will include breathwork (pranayama) and an extended resting pose (savasana) accompanied by chanting (mantra) and Tibetan singing bowls.


Come to relax, explore, and balance your body, mind and spirit. This class will use props which we will reserve for those who attend in person. Everyday items from home can double as "props" if you are joining virtually. No experience necessary.

Virtual: $30

In Studio: $40

Jersey City Studio or Virtual
Saturday, December 12th: 12pm - 1:30pm 
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Treat yourself to a weekend of blissful, cozy, calming, restorative yoga with Celeste Cusumano.

This 10 hour training is perfect for yoga teachers who want to start offering restorative yoga classes or who want to integrate restorative practices into their existing classes. Learn how to teach the key restorative poses and how to build beautiful, smart, and supportive restorative classes, plus how to teach restorative virtually.


This training is also wonderful for non-yoga teachers who would like to learn more and deepen their restorative yoga practice and enjoy a weekend retreat from the comfort of home.


This is a virtual training held via zoom. No "formal" yoga props are needed!

Investment to self: $200

All Asana Soul Practice graduates & teaching staff receive a $50 discount. To receive this discounted rate, please email to register.

Virtual - Zoom 
Friday, January 29th: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, January 30th: 11am - 3:30pm
Sunday, January 31st: 11am - 3:30pm


Want an anatomy refresh? This 10 hour training is for you! 


We are opening up our 200hr anatomy weekend to the public, led by Celeste Cusumano. This is a great opportunity to revisit not just anatomy 101, but APPLICABLE anatomy for yoga teachers. Don't worry, we will not be spending all our time on the planes of the body. Instead, we'll be focusing on the systems of the body and how our yoga practice impacts them. We'll also focus on the muscles and how to build a smart yoga class with more awareness of the muscle groups.


This is a virtual training held via zoom.

Investment to self: $200

All Asana Soul Practice graduates & teaching staff receive a $50 discount. To receive this discount, please email to register.

Virtual - Zoom
Saturday, February 20th: 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday, February 21st: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
*Both days begin with a yoga class with Celeste and includes break time*
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Hoboken & Jersey City


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