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May Theme: 90's Kids- Music We Grew Up With!
Jersey City Studio, Friday, May 6th with Danielle Tideman
Hoboken Studio, Friday, May 20th with Jaina Lumkong

Oh snap, it's finally Friday and we're totally taking it back to the 90's! Celebrate the start of your weekend with a fun, throwback- themed yoga class, followed by refreshments after.

In this special yoga class, the lights will be low & the music will be pumping. The best part? Each class will have a special music theme! May's theme is "90's Kids- Music We Grew Up With!" Expect music from some of your favorite 90's icons like the Spice Girls, Hanson, NSYNC, Britney & more!

We make yoga fun, challenging, and interesting. Bring your friends  + make new ones at this Friday night happy hour class. OPEN LEVEL.


This class is for those in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th trimester! This is a 6 week class series. Sign up for all 6 weeks, or 4 weeks, or drop in! (advance sign up required). 


Are you expecting? Let's learn how to practice yoga with baby on board! Not only is this class meant just for you, it's also a great way to meet other local mamas and soon to be mamas! 


Yoga is a great way to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy, and safe way to get back into movement after giving birth! Come join us in a safe and supported environment.


Each class will focus on core prep & recovery through mindful breath while activating your core cannister. We’ll move through light stretching, gentle flows, and some exercises to help with strength both on and off your mat. Each class will end with a peaceful meditation. Find deeper connection to your baby and body in this series.

Please note: in order to practice mask free, proof of vaccination is required. Please bring your vax card or a picture of your card upon arrival to your first class! Please also make sure you are cleared for exercise with your doctor before attending class.


All 6 classes: $150 ($25 per class)

4 class pack: $120 ($30 per class)

Drop in class: $35 

Space is limited! We encourage you to commit to 4 or 6 classes to reserve your space!

Hoboken Studio
Thursday's, 12pm to 1pm

April 14th through May 19th

Prenatal Mediation
Hoboken Studio
Thursday, May 12th, 5:00pm to 6:15pm

Join Reiki Master Shoko for this Self-Care Thursday healing workshop with reiki-infused yin yoga and yoga nidra.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Originating in Japan, Reiki translates to "spiritually guided life force energy". Reiki is a healing medicine that works on many levels to heal and find balance, helping to align physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Combined with Yin yoga and yoga nidra, this event will be a beautifully nurturing and relaxing experience.

Expect this class to stimulate the third energy center, the solar plexus (or manipura) chakra. This chakra is related to the digestive organs and the element of fire. When this chakra is balanced, it inspires confidence. On a deeper level, this chakra helps to develop healthy self-esteem, and teaches you to stand in your center and shine your light without fear.

What to expect.
• Chakra meditation
• Reiki-Infused Yin Yoga: Relax into restorative yin poses and receive hands-on reiki and distant reiki to aid you in healing any energetic blocks
• Settle in to a deep "yogic sleep" with a yoga nidra session


$40 for members

$50 for non- members


Jersey City Studio
Friday, May 20th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Claire is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and an Artist! Bilavsky's art can best be described as emotive abstract. Primarily working in oil paints with a focus on figures; she graduated York College of Pennsylvania with a BA in Fine Arts in 2016. Since discovering ways she could express her emotions through art, painting has become a source of therapy. With the addition of Yoga and Mindfulness; her paintings and teachings have become even more emphasized on ways to work through all that we may carry.

We are all born creative; it's just the matter of how we choose to express those parts of ourselves! This workshop will help tap into the artistic side of the brain and navigate stuck energy held in the body. Starting with meditation to clearly be in tune with ourselves, followed by painting to express what arises, and then ending practice with a sweet savasana and Reiki healing. No experience needed. Art supplies provided! (bring your favorite brush if you have).


$50 for members

$55 for non- members

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Hoboken & Jersey City


We've got lots of amazing community events and special workshops brewing! Stay tuned for new releases, new ways to connect, and new things to learn and experience.