Build the foundation. Geared towards the beginner, this slower paced vinyasa class will provide extra instruction, more one-on-one attention, and modifications to help you find your balance and your breath in yoga.

A fluid, creative and soulful vinyasa flow. This open level class keeps you flowing, connecting breath and body, and includes variations to challenge all levels and abilities. Come flow with us!  

Rise with the Sun! Awaken your breath and body with our fluid open level vinyasa flow. This open level class keeps you flowing, connecting breath and body, and includes variations to challenge all levels and abilities. There's no better way to start your day.

Uplift your spirit through mindful movement. In Flow + Let Go you'll open the body with a gentle vinyasa sequence, slow the breath down with meditation, and end with a restorative release. This is the perfect class if you're looking for a little bit of everything!

Our soul power class will have your heart racing, sweat pouring, and leave you totally blissed out! Great for more seasoned yogis looking for a challenge.

This fast paced vinyasa flow will allow you to fully immerse your senses with the help of our resident DJ - spinning the most beautiful music you've ever heard. You don't want to miss this.

Sweet, slow, steady movements characterize our Yin Yoga class. Here you'll sit a bit longer in each yin pose, working towards a deep tissue stretch. You’ll spend most of the class on the ground, practicing releasing tension and stress that settles in the body. Connect body and mind through relaxing stretches and aromatherapy.

Ultimate relaxation! This grounded practice takes a gentle, healing approach to releasing tension in the body using blissful restorative poses held for extended periods of time. You’ll be supported by the most luscious props and aromatherapy to help you let go.

Our yoga nidra class is perfect for those who want a combination of yin, restorative, and meditation - literally! It is a relaxed practice of resting the body and mind. If you are craving some restful self care, this class is for you. Warning; you may fall asleep, and that’s perfectly OK.

Bring your baby to yoga! For babies ages 6 weeks to 6 months and moms of all ages ;). In this vinyasa class you will be moving and stretching to help re-strengthen your core. Baby will be in front on a blanket, and some interactive poses will be intertwined through class for fun bonding time!

Reset your day with a 30 minute guided meditation. Take a moment to quiet the mind and re-center through the use of; breathing techniques, mantra, mudra, and intention setting. 

Unwind, relax, clear your mind. Our 30 minute evening meditation class will bring you back to the present moment through breathing techniques, mantra, mudra, and intention setting. We'll light up the night with candle light.

Catch our (bi-monthly) sound bath with Patrick Murray, award winning sound meditation instrumentalist specializing in Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bamboo Flutes, Meditation Drumming and Crystal Bowls.


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