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Real people, real stories, real community



Brynne was ready to get back into a yoga studio after the initial covid lockdown. She lives close by, and heard great things, so she decided to try us out! After meeting with Celeste and trying a few classes with our amazing teachers, it was evident that community connection was important at Asana Soul Practice, and she was hooked. Brynne practices yoga with us regularly, and is also a runner! She said her yoga practice was integral to her marathon training, helping to prevent injury and maintain balance. She's been furthering her practice by attending our special workshops, which have allowed her to learn and grow even more in her yoga practice. 



Steve came to Asana Soul Practice seeking guidance for beginning a yoga practice. As a former Marine still keeping in top shape, Steve wanted to round out his fitness regimen by incorporating yoga and meditation. What he found was a welcoming community of teachers, mentors and friends that helped him cultivate a yoga practice that he now says is the most beneficial part of his entire routine.



Lana was seeking a gentle way to get back into shape after having her second child. What she found at Asana Soul Practice was more than just a great way to get back into shape physically. The nurturing community she found encouraged her to maintain a regular yoga practice that "helped her heal her body, phsyically and mentally".



Shannon has been a member with Asana Soul Practice for over four years. Having felt at home almost right away when she found the studio, she also loves the way each class is carefully crafted by our team of talented teachers, from sequencing and intensity, to lighting, scent and sound.



Jennifer fell in love with our welcoming community right away, and describes the studio as her "home away from home". She appreciates the careful thought that has gone into every aspect of the experience at Asana Soul Practice. In fact, she loved the studio and the yoga practice she cultivated so much she went on to do our 200 hour yoga teacher training with us.



Priya was looking for a place to practice yoga regularly as a way to de-stress from work. After trying Asana Soul Practice she quickly fell in love with the studio. Initially seeking a vinyasa practice, she now enjoys all of the classes Asana Soul Practice offers - from yin and restorative, to sound bath meditation and of course the vinyasa flows.



After moving to Jersey City, Kathleen tried every yoga studio in town. After trying Asana Soul Practice and being drawn in by the warm, comforting and inviting environment, the studio became her second home. Kathleen has been a member ever since and she has made so many new friends and loves the studio so much she never wants to leave.



Deanna has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years, and has been a member at Asana Soul Practice for four years. With that kind of experience, we are honored to be one of her favorite studios! She loves our teachers, our beautifully designed studio space, wide range of class offerings and times, and our attentive, courteous staff.

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