Your health and wellness are our number one priority.

We require proof of vaccination to go mask free.


Simply bring your vaccination card/picture of your vax card with you (just once) to class. We'll make a note in your client profile, and you'll be good to go mask free! The same requirement goes for our staff, as well. 


Please note, you must be fully vaccinated and have waited the required amount of time to go mask free. Those who have not shown a vaccination card are required to wear a mask until one is shown. 


We respect your choice to wear a mask, or not to wear a mask. This is a time to honor choice, and to do what feels right for you. No judgements, only love. 

Read more about what we're doing to keep you safe below.
With much love and care, we are excited to welcome you back to the studio. 
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In preparation for your arrival, please sign our new liability waiver, here.