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Meditation Challenge

March 1st - 31st, both locations

Let's Get Mindful Together!   

Looking for a fun way to commit to your meditation practice? We're celebrating March Mindfulness with a meditation challenge! Let's get mindful together and reap the benefits of a more consistent meditation practice! 

We'll reward you for your efforts:

Complete 10 meditation classes in the month of March and receive:

  • 2 free classes to be used the following month, when you purchase the March Mindfulness 10 Pack

  • 20% off next months membership payment, when you become a NEW member by March 1st. (new members only)

  • Existing members win a special prize from our retail shop!

Purchase your 10 class pack or become a member before March 1st to join! 

March Mindfulness 10 Class Pack:

$135 (regularly $180, save 25%)

Meditation classes only, Expires 60 days from March 1st.

Can use this pack at both studio locations!

Become an Unlimited Member and get BOTH unlimited yoga and meditation classes!

$99 monthly

Are you an existing unlimited member who wants to participate? Email us by March 1st to join the challenge!

Meditation Classes 

Candlelit Meditation

Unwind, relax, clear your mind. Our 30 minute evening meditation class will bring you back to the present moment through breathing techniques, mantra, mudra, and intention setting. We'll light up the night with candle light.

Offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings in both studio locations.

Sound Bath Meditation

Catch our (bi-monthly) sound bath with Patrick Murray, award winning sound meditation instrumentalist specializing in Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bamboo Flutes, Meditation Drumming and Crystal Bowls.

Schedule your classes now!


Discount cannot be combined with any other offers

March Mindfulness 10 class-pack is available to both new and existing clients.

This special 10 class pack can only be used for meditation classes, including: Candlelit Meditation & Sound Bath 

New members who sign up between February 20th and March 1st are eligible for 20% off your following months membership, when you complete the challenge. 

Current members must email before March 1st to join,

and will receive a different, special prize from our retail shop!

The challenge is 31 days, however the March Mindfulness 10 pack expires in 60 days from March 1st, no stress!

You can still used your pack the following month if you do not complete the challenge.

Extensions will not be granted past 60 days.

If you also attend a Meditation Workshop, or Moon Gathering within the month of March,

this will count towards your 10 classes!

Clients who complete challenge will receive email to confirm your prize!


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