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presented by Jen Nigro of be(YOU)nd YTT

Saturday, September 30th 1:00 - 5:00pm

Jersey City studio


Because in a post-pandemic world, we ALL have trauma. 

Fortunately, when we have the knowledge to meet ourselves + each other as we are, we can create a kinder, more compassionate world for all.


This 4-hour crash course teaches you everything you need to know about the body's protective responses to trauma, their long-term effects, and the ways trauma shows up in our everyday lives (and the lives of those we love).

This training is open to anyone, but is tailored towards yoga teachers who are looking to integrate this work into how they teach and engage with students.

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  • trauma: a definition

  • ptsd + c-ptsd: a definition

  • this is your brain on trauma: neurological science

  • the 4 Fs: fight/flight/freeze/fawn

  • this is your body on trauma: biological science

  • trauma-informed yoga: therapeutic science



Jen Nigro is a trauma educator + PTSD/C-PTSD Somatics + Yoga Therapeutics Specialist in the New York Metropolitan area. Based in Brooklyn, Jen founded her own practice, The Joy Project, which supports survivors with somatics + movement-based techniques to aid in trauma recovery.

Jen completed her 3-year trauma + somatics training with Peter A. Levine’s Somatics Experiencing International + went on to study Dr. Levine’s work through Professional Education Systems Institute + the Kripalu Center. She completed her original trauma education in 2017 with Exhale to Inhale, led by trauma specialist + Reiki Master Tara Tonini. Jen is also a Reiki III practitioner + often incorporates energy healing into her work with survivors.

To learn more about Jen and what brought her to this type of work, in her own words, we encourage you to read her Who I Am & Why I'm Here statement on her website.


Self-investment: $250
Certified yoga teachers can save $100 on this offering by emailing proof of certification to


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