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3 Days

March 22nd - 24th

Friday: 1:30pm - 6:30pm

Saturday: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Sunday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm

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Movement Mapping Practices:

  • Rebalance the autonomic nervous system through parasympathetic stimulation.

  • Retrain the neuromuscular system through Movement Mapping protocols.

  • Nourish the connective tissue matrix through Everyday Essentials protocols.

  • Rebuild your movement vocabulary with a simple yet diverse assortment of locomotive patterns 

  • Optimize  mind-body connectivity through task oriented training.

  • Create true mobility and physical autonomy in every joint through targeted strength and mobility protocols. (Progressive Overload Principle).

  • Assess and improve structural balance/tensegrity with specific exercises that marry physical training with our evolutionary biology.

Learn to teach over 40 individual elements of Movement Mapping:

  • Parasympathetic stimulation techniques.

  • Connective tissue specific everyday essentials protocols.

  • Joint specific prehabilitation protocols.

  • Skill/strength/technical work protocols.

  • Motor maps/locomotion

  • Task oriented learning protocols

  • Structural balance protocols

  • Mobility protocols.


Movement Mapping seamlessly combines:

Yoga | Human locomotion | Functional Range Conditioning | Progressive Training Principles


Movement Mapping is a system of Yoga and movement training aimed at developing the neuromuscular system. It combines 10 years of research into Yoga, interdisciplinary movement arts and science based training principles. Justin Wolfer designed Movement Mapping to address the challenges of teaching mixed level practices to students with unique needs and capacities.  The Movement Mapping System is science informed yet uses simple, clear language to maximize engagement and retention.


Movement Mapping Certification Course will teach you 3 full Movement Mapping Practices and 40 unique elements of the movement mapping system that can be used to create unlimited possibilities for Mind-Body training.

Who is this course for? 

This is a certification course for Yoga Teachers, Movement Teachers, Pilates Teachers  and Physical Trainers.  Students are welcome to attend the course for their own practice.  The information is meant to integrate and inform whatever practices you are already doing and provide new tools for your movement practices. We hope to provide more tools and information that will aid teachers in applying their methods with greater skill, greater student satisfaction and increased income potential.


What's Included? 

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate to teach the Movement Mapping Practice.  You will also receive a training manual outlining the material and techniques covered and the reasoning and research behind the practices.

General Daily Schedule

1pm - 2pm Movement Mapping Practice (three completely unique practices)

2pm -3pm Breakdown of the practice and the science behind sequencing physical practice.

3pm-6pm System Components.

Day 1 Evolutionary biology, The Neuromuscular System,The Spine, structural balance, tensegrity.

Day 2 focuses on upper and lower extremity, mobility protocols.

Day 3 focuses on Movement Mapping, the nervous system, neuromuscular learning, task based learning, integration.


*certification to teach this system upon demonstrating sufficient application of the principles learned during the training.


Justin Wolfer, ERYT, FRCms, FR Spine Specialist

Justin began his yoga practice learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, Vinyasa Flow and studying with his spiritual yoga teacher Raghunath. Over the past few years his physical practice has grown to include progressive gymnastics, capoeira, animal locomotion and FRC Mobility Protocols. He has studied with Ido Portal and Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains author) and this year was certified as an FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist and FR (Functional Release) Spine specialist. His passion is in mentoring other teachers pointing them in the direction of their personal expertise and leading with their highest values.


He currently lives in Guernsey, a small Channel Island between France and England with his wife Camacha, Daughter Veda and new born son Remy.  They operate local a yoga studio and movement space Rise Yoga Guernsey:
Space is limited, be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible.

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Tuition: $400
Early Bird: $350 if paid in full by March 11th

Link to register will take you to Justin's website. Reserve your spot through his website!

Please any email questions to

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